We are a team dedicated to vision of building and providing first class disability service offerings that involve Assistive

Technology and Accessible Solutions. TCS believes that information and technology should be fully accessible to all people.

We believe that equal access to technology can help people excel within their organization and /or personal lives.

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TCS Associates, LLC is a rapidly growing Accessibility solutions provider for people with disabilities, their employers in the public and private sectors and places of higher education. TCS Associates has decades of experience assessing and implementing Assistive Technology (AT) and Information Technology (IT) solutions for persons with disabilities within industry, Government, and educational settings. TCS specializes in the implementation of AT solutions and support services for individuals who are: Deaf, Hard of Hearing, Low Vision, Blind, Mobility challenged, Cognitively challenged or who possess a combination of these disabilities.



It is TCS’s mission to consistently deliver high quality accessible solutions and services that eliminate barriers in accessibility that persons with disabilities face in the workplace and in their daily lives.


Founded in 1982 by nationally renowned deaf entrepreneurs, Phil and Myrna Aiello, TCS Associates’ goal is to empower clients by eliminating accessibility barriers in communication and technology. During the past 34 years, TCS has served the disability community, employers and higher education by delivering innovative accessible solutions developed and delivered by our industry experts. TCS operates under the premise that in order to eliminate accessibility barriers in the workplace, it is critical to implement AT products, training, and support, to enable individuals with disabilities the capability to thrive as members of the American workforce.


TCS Associates began by providing products & services in the computer industry. TCS covered every aspect of information technology from technical consulting to systems development and integration. In the 1990’s TCS expanded its services to include Assistive Technologies for persons who are blind, low vision, deaf, hard of hearing, mobility challenged, and persons with cognitive disabilities. With Accessibility being the driving force of the organization, TCS Associates positioned itself as total accessibility solutions provider for people with disabilities. Our "one-stop shop" for AT aligns with sections 504/508 and the ADA’s needs for workplace accessibility for all disabled people. While branching out into Assistive Technology, TCS maintained its core expertise and services in IT.


Phil and Myrna have instilled in the company the ardent commitment to keep TCS at the cutting edge of these new technologies and to spread their availability. TCS Associates employs workers with and without disabilities, because to us, every worker is an individual with unique attributes. We feel strongly that all of our employees, those with and without disabilities, bring a special diversity to our workplace. That distinctive diversity is encouraged in our company and we hope that this model spreads through the public and private sectors.


Currently, TCS offers solutions that remove accessibility barriers in three core areas Technology, Communication, and Speech. Stemming from the dream that the Aiello’s had 34 years ago, TCS is a multi-million dollar Corporation that is known for its world-class accessible solutions to individuals with disabilities.

Where it all began – TCS's former office in Silver Spring, Maryland


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