TCS is a nationally known leader providing consulting services for individuals and organizations around accommodations for employees with disabilities.

TCS’s comprehensive accommodations support services include:








Needs Assessments

When an employee with a disability is hired, acquires a disability on the job or experiences a downturn in an existing medical condition, their ability to perform their job tasks can be affected.  Our comprehensive needs assessments provide the employee and their employer with a thorough analysis of the current situation and clear solutions regarding what technologies and strategies can be used to improve work effectiveness.


Product Procurement and Delivery

Technology procurement and delivery has been at the heart of TCS’s business model since its inception in 1982.  We have procured and integrated Assistive Technology devices into Government, private industry and educational institutions for the past 25 years.  TCS ensures that our solutions will not only be interoperable within the client’s IT infrastructure, but also an effective fit for the end user.


Systems Integration of AT and Information Technology

Once equipment has been procured, our AT Specialists will work in tandem with the organization to install, configure and test all hardware and software to ensure its successful operation. Our decades of experience interfacing with numerous Assistive Technologies and extensive contacts within the AT industry provide us with unparalleled expertise in this realm.


One-on-One and Group Training

TCS’s team of AT specialists are skilled in providing training (one-on-one and group) on a myriad of AT used today. Our training is focused on the individual’s specific needs regarding workplace technology, processes, and software applications. Our training can also be used for IT support, Human Resources, Management, Administrative personnel and others needing advice or instruction on the impact of AT in the workplace.


Post Integration Help Desk Support

TCS’ staff have specific expertise working in enterprise environments in which various network and security considerations must be maintained along with the needs of the disabled employee.  TCS has handled the ongoing AT support needs for a variety of Commercial and Federal agencies.



Needs assessments at the individual or organizational level (Total Accessibility Audit)

Product procurement and delivery

Systems integration of Assistive Technology and Information Technology

One-on-one and group training

Post integration Help Desk suppor


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