Reader Services


TCS Readers work part-time or full-time alongside employees with print disabilities to ensure they have equal access to documents and information in the workplace.  These services allow these employees to concentrate on the essential functions of their jobs and enjoy equal benefits and privileges of employment.


TCS Readers

TCS prides ourselves on our provision of highly qualified and trained Readers for our clientele. Our diverse staff consists of the most professional and highly qualified Readers in the area. Our Readers read materials at high-level meetings, conferences, instructional seminars, and all other occasions were reading services are required. TCS’ Reader Services may include tasks such as:


Reading aloud inaccessible print or electronic information for persons with low vision and the blind


Taking notes and advising on visually intensive components of a presentation at meetings


Accompanying a person to a conference to provide assistance during lectures and other conference activities


Entering information into a complex database for a person with dexterity issues


Technical Training

All of TCS’s Readers are trained to possess a familiarity with the various Assistive and Information Technologies that their clients use on a daily basis. TCS believes this familiarity is important in fostering a collaborative working relationship with the client. We believe that our process regarding the selection and training of Readers is a major differentiator between TCS and its competitors.




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