TCS Certified Vision Rehabilitation and Education professionals provide comprehensive services for people of all ages who are blind or visually impaired to enabling them meet their highest level of independence.

Orientation and Mobility:


TCS provides O&M services to infants, school age students and adults.  Our team of Certified Orientation and Mobility Specialists (COMS) teach clients with visual impairments how to travel safely and efficiently in familiar and unfamiliar environments.  This includes training in the use of a white cane or other mobility devices, navigation technology and travel on public transportation.  Our specialist are experienced in training clients who are DeafBlind and have multiple disabilities or autism.

Vision Rehabilitation Therapy:


TCS provides VRT services to adults with vision loss who are in need of independent living skills training.  Vision Rehabilitation Therapists teach clients non-visual skills for cooking, cleaning, personal hygiene, money management and more.  Each of our specialist also teach the use of alternative formats including large print and braille.

Assistive Technology:


TCS provides AT services to school age students and adults who need to learn to use technology with limited or now vision.  Our highly qualified team of Assistive Technology Specialist are able to train clients on any type of technology or hardware that a client may need.

 Teachers of the Visually Impaired:


TCS provides TVI services to infants and school age students.  Our TVIs are highly experienced in early intervention services for infants and toddlers.  Teachers of the Visually Impaired provide accommodations and training for students to access general education curriculum in all grade levels and subjects.  They are also responsible for teaching students skills within the expanded core curriculum.

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DeafBlind Services:


TCS provides comprehensive services to the DeafBlind community including Support Service Providers, Orientation & Mobility, Vision Rehab Therapy, Assitive Technology and Job Development.


TCS is proud to partner with Perkins School for the Blind to provide local services in the state of Maryland for the National Deaf-Blind Equipment Distribution Program or iCanConnect. If you have significant combined vision and hearing loss and meet federal income guidelines, iCanConnect can provide you with free communication technology and training to stay connected with family and friends.   Please click here to apply for the program


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